Virtual-CPU Scheduling in the Quest Operating System


Show simple item record Danish, Matthew en_US Li, Ye en_US West, Rich en_US 2012-05-21T18:59:40Z 2012-05-21T18:59:40Z 2010-11-10 en_US
dc.identifier.citation Danish, Matthew; Li, Ye; West, Rich. "Virtual-CPU Scheduling in the Quest Operating System", Technical Report BUCS-TR-2010-036, Computer Science Department, Boston University, November 10, 2010. [Available from:] en_US
dc.description.abstract This paper describes the scheduling framework for a new operating system called "Quest". The three main goals of Quest are to ensure safety, predictability and efficiency of software execution. For this paper, we focus on one aspect of predictability, involving the integrated management of tasks and I/O events such as interrupts. Quest's scheduling infrastructure is based around the concept of a virtual CPU (VCPU). Using both Main and I/O VCPUs, we are able to separate the CPU bandwidth consumed by tasks from that used to complete I/O processing. We introduce a priority-inheritance bandwidth-preserving server policy for I/O management, called PIBS. We show how PIBS operates with lower cost and higher throughput than a comparable Sporadic Server for managing I/O transfers that require small bursts of CPU time. Using a hybrid system of Sporadic Servers for Main VCPUs, and PIBS for I/O VCPUs, we show how to maintain temporal isolation between multiple tasks and I/O transfers from different devices. We believe Quest's VCPU scheduling infrastructure is scalable enough to operate on future multi- and many-core systems supporting large numbers of threads. For a system of 24 VCPUs, we observe a CPU scheduling overhead of approximately 0.3% when VCPU budget is managed in 1ms units. en_US
dc.language.iso en-US en_US
dc.publisher CS Department, Boston University en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries BUCS Technical Reports;BUCS-TR-2010-036 en_US
dc.title Virtual-CPU Scheduling in the Quest Operating System en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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