Halo painting of the Italian renaissance


Show simple item record Egan, Mary Antonine, Sister, C.S.J 2012-04-24T21:53:07Z 2012-04-24T21:53:07Z 1963
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dc.description.abstract The works of painters of the Italian Renaissance have been considered here with regard to the art centers from which they came; and the influence of one artist upon the formation of another has been acknowledged. Abundance of material, the ever-widening scope of interest, and the profuse originality in execution precludes any last....word conclusions. From the observations made, however. the study presented here does assume, with some assurance, that the great impetus for change in halo art, as in all art, came from Florence. It is also re-cognized that from that center it spread throughout the central and northern areas. en_US
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dc.publisher Boston University en_US
dc.rights Based on investigation of the BU Libraries' staff, this work is free of known copyright restrictions. en_US
dc.title Halo painting of the Italian renaissance en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Master of Arts en_US masters Boston University en_US

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