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The College of Engineering at Boston University is a community of students, faculty, and staff focused on advancing science and technology through research and discovery, and preparing students to be technology leaders in the 21st century. Undergraduate students participate in a comprehensive core curriculum that sets the foundation for their engineering studies while delivering a breadth of education across the humanities, mathematics, and social and natural sciences. Through an array of majors and concentrations, they can study aerospace, biomedical, computer, electrical, manufacturing or mechanical engineering, as well as nanotechnology, and energy technologies and environmental engineering. They also have the opportunity work side-by-side with research faculty in a number of modern, high-tech facilities. Graduate students partake in myriad programs and research opportunities leading to doctoral or master’s degrees in biomedical, computer, computer systems, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, global manufacturing, photonics, systems, or materials science and engineering.


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  • Fungal microbiota profile in newly-diagnosed treatment-naïve children with Crohn disease 

    Korolev, Kirill; El Mouzan, Mohammad; Wang, Feng; Al Mofarreh, Mohammad; Menon, Rajita; Al Barrag, Ahmad; Al Sarkhy, Ahmad; Al Asmi, Mona; Hamed, Yassin; Saeed, Anjum; Dowd, Scot; Assiri, Asaad; Winter, Harland (Oxford University Press, 2016-11-03)
    BACKGROUND & AIMS: although increasing evidence suggests a role for fungi in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), data are scarce and mostly from adults. Our aim was to define the characteristics of fungal microbiota in ...
  • Awareness, interest, and preferences of primary care providers in using point-of-care cancer screening technology 

    Vanture, Sarah; Cho, Margaret; Wang, Catharine; Klapperich, Catherine; Huang, Franklin W.; Kim, Chloe S. (2016-01-15)
    Well-developed point-of-care (POC) cancer screening tools have the potential to provide better cancer care to patients in both developed and developing countries. However, new medical technology will not be adopted by ...
  • Microfluidic chip for molecular amplification of influenza A RNA in human respiratory specimens 

    Mahalanabis, Madhumita; Chang, Jessie; Carey, Brendan; Hsieh, Christopher; Stanley, Ahjegannie; Feldman, James; Mitchell, Patricia; Klapperich, Catherine; Odell, Christine A.; Pollock, Nira R.; Qingqing, Cao (2012-03-22)
    A rapid, low cost, accurate point-of-care (POC) device to detect influenza virus is needed for effective treatment and control of both seasonal and pandemic strains. We developed a single-use microfluidic chip that integrates ...
  • Technical report on Optimization-Based Bearing-Only Visual Homing with Applications to a 2-D Unicycle Model 

    Tron, Roberto; Daniilidis, Kostas (2014)
    We consider the problem of bearing-based visual homing: Given a mobile robot which can measure bearing directions with respect to known landmarks, the goal is to guide the robot toward a desired "home" location. We propose ...
  • A factorization approach to inertial affine structure from motion 

    Tron, Roberto
    We consider the problem of reconstructing a 3-D scene from a moving camera with high frame rate using the affine projection model. This problem is traditionally known as Affine Structure from Motion (Affine SfM), and can ...
  • Reconstruction of Fine Scale Auroral Dynamics 

    Hirsch, Michael; Semeter, Joshua; Zettergren, Matthew; Dahlgren, Hanna; Goenka, Chhavi; Akbari, Hassanali (IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2015-11-24)
    We present a feasibility study for a high frame rate, short baseline auroral tomographic imaging system useful for estimating parametric variations in the precipitating electron number flux spectrum of dynamic auroral ...
  • Generalized Method of Propeller Performance Estimation 1961-1963 

    Hamilton Standard (Hamilton Standard, 1963)
  • Culturing Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria and Mammalian Cells with a Microfluidic Differential Oxygenator 

    Lam, Raymond H. W.; Kim, Min-Cheol; Thorsen, Todd (American Chemical Society, 2009-06-11)
    In this manuscript, we report on the culture of anaerobic and aerobic species within a disposable multilayer polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic device with an integrated differential oxygenator. A gas-filled microchannel ...
  • A Predictive Phosphorylation Signature of Lung Cancer 

    Wu, Chang-Jiun; Cai, Tianxi; Rikova, Klarisa; Merberg, David; Kasif, Simon; Steffen, Martin (Public Library of Science, 2009-11-25)
    BACKGROUND. Aberrant activation of signaling pathways drives many of the fundamental biological processes that accompany tumor initiation and progression. Inappropriate phosphorylation of intermediates in these signaling ...
  • Long-Range Correlations in Rectal Temperature Fluctuations of Healthy Infants during Maturation 

    Stern, Georgette; Beel, Julia; Suki, Béla; Silverman, Mike; Westaway, Jenny; Cernelc, Mateja; Baldwin, David; Frey, Urs (Public Library of Science, 2009-7-29)
    BACKGROUND. Control of breathing, heart rate, and body temperature are interdependent in infants, where instabilities in thermoregulation can contribute to apneas or even life-threatening events. Identifying abnormalities ...
  • Genomewide Analysis of PRC1 and PRC2 Occupancy Identifies Two Classes of Bivalent Domains 

    Ku, Manching; Koche, Richard P.; Rheinbay, Esther; Mendenhall, Eric M.; Endoh, Mitsuhiro; Mikkelsen, Tarjei S.; Presser, Aviva; Nusbaum, Chad; Xie, Xiaohui; Chi, Andrew S.; Adli, Mazhar; Kasif, Simon; Ptaszek, Leon M.; Cowan, Chad A.; Lander, Eric S.; Koseki, Haruhiko; Bernstein, Bradley E. (Public Library of Science, 2008-10-31)
    In embryonic stem (ES) cells, bivalent chromatin domains with overlapping repressive (H3 lysine 27 tri-methylation) and activating (H3 lysine 4 tri-methylation) histone modifications mark the promoters of more than 2,000 ...
  • Molecular Weight Assessment of Proteins in Total Proteome Profiles using 1D-PAGE and LC/MS/MS 

    Ahmad, Q. Rushdy; Nguyen, Dat H.; Wingerd, Mark A.; Church, George M.; Steffen, Martin A. (BioMed Central, 2005-6-8)
    BACKGROUND. The observed molecular weight of a protein on a 1D polyacrylamide gel can provide meaningful insight into its biological function. Differences between a protein's observed molecular weight and that predicted ...
  • Distinct Functions for the Drosophila piRNA Pathway in Genome Maintenance and Telomere Protection 

    Khurana, Jaspreet S.; Xu, Jia; Weng, Zhiping; Theurkauf, William E. (Public Library of Science, 2010-12-16)
    Transposons and other selfish DNA elements can be found in all phyla, and mobilization of these elements can compromise genome integrity. The piRNA (PIWI-interacting RNA) pathway silences transposons in the germline, but ...
  • The Insulator Binding Protein CTCF Positions 20 Nucleosomes around Its Binding Sites across the Human Genome 

    Fu, Yutao; Sinha, Manisha; Peterson, Craig L.; Weng, Zhiping (Public Library of Science, 2008-7-25)
    Chromatin structure plays an important role in modulating the accessibility of genomic DNA to regulatory proteins in eukaryotic cells. We performed an integrative analysis on dozens of recent datasets generated by ...
  • Experimental Validation of the Influence of White Matter Anisotropy on the Intracranial EEG Forward Solution 

    Bangera, Nitin B.; Schomer, Donald L.; Dehghani, Nima; Ulbert, Istvan; Cash, Sydney; Papavasiliou, Steve; Eisenberg, Solomon R.; Dale, Anders M.; Halgren, Eric (Springer US, 2010-1-9)
    Forward solutions with different levels of complexity are employed for localization of current generators, which are responsible for the electric and magnetic fields measured from the human brain. The influence of brain ...
  • Trichomonas Transmembrane Cyclases Result from Massive Gene Duplication and Concomitant Development of Pseudogenes 

    Cui, Jike; Das, Suchismita; Smith, Temple F.; Samuelson, John (Public Library of Science, 2010-8-3)
    BACKGROUND. Trichomonas vaginalis has an unusually large genome (∼160 Mb) encoding ∼60,000 proteins. With the goal of beginning to understand why some Trichomonas genes are present in so many copies, we characterized here ...
  • Chemical Combination Effects Predict Connectivity in Biological Systems 

    Lehár, Joseph; Zimmermann, Grant R.; Krueger, Andrew S.; Molnar, Raymond A.; Ledell, Jedediah T.; Heilbut, Adrian M.; Short, Glenn F.; Giusti, Leanne C.; Nolan, Garry P.; Magid, Omar A.; Lee, Margaret S.; Borisy, Alexis A.; Stockwell, Brent R.; Keith, Curtis T. (2007-02-27)
    Efforts to construct therapeutically useful models of biological systems require large and diverse sets of data on functional connections between their components. Here we show that cellular responses to combinations of ...
  • TB Database: An Integrated Platform for Tuberculosis Research 

    Reddy, T. B. K.; Riley, Robert; Wymore, Farrell; Montgomery, Phillip; DeCaprio, Dave; Engels, Reinhard; Gellesch, Marcel; Hubble, Jeremy; Jen, Dennis; Jin, Heng; Koehrsen, Michael; Larson, Lisa; Mao, Maria; Nitzberg, Michael; Sisk, Peter; Stolte, Christian; Weiner, Brian; White, Jared; Zachariah, Zachariah K.; Sherlock, Gavin; Galagan, James E.; Ball, Catherine A.; Schoolnik, Gary K. (Nucleic Acids Research, 2009-1)
    The effective control of tuberculosis (TB) has been thwarted by the need for prolonged, complex and potentially toxic drug regimens, by reliance on an inefficient vaccine and by the absence of biomarkers of clinical status. ...
  • COMBREX: A Project to Accelerate the Functional Annotation of Prokaryotic Genomes 

    Roberts, Richard J.; Chang, Yi-Chien; Hu, Zhenjun; Rachlin, John N.; Anton, Brian P.; Pokrzywa, Revonda M.; Choi, Han-Pil; Faller, Lina L.; Guleria, Jyotsna; Housman, Genevieve; Klitgord, Niels; Mazumdar, Varun; McGettrick, Mark G.; Osmani, Lais; Swaminathan, Rajeswari; Tao, Kevin R.; Letovsky, Stan; Vitkup, Dennis; Segrè, Daniel; Salzberg, Steven L.; DeLisi, Charles; Steffen, Martin; Kasif, Simon (2010-11-20)
    COMBREX (http://combrex.bu.edu) is a project to increase the speed of the functional annotation of new bacterial and archaeal genomes. It consists of a database of functional predictions produced by computational biologists ...
  • Small but Versatile: The Extraordinary Functional and Structural Diversity of the β-grasp Fold 

    Burroughs, A. Maxwell; Balaji, S.; Iyer, Lakshminarayan M.; Aravind, L. (BioMed Central, 2007-7-2)
    BACKGROUND. The β-grasp fold (β-GF), prototyped by ubiquitin (UB), has been recruited for a strikingly diverse range of biochemical functions. These functions include providing a scaffold for different enzymatic active ...

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