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Biology at Boston University is a broadly based department with faculty interested in biological problems at the molecular, organismal, and population levels, giving students the rare ability to address questions at all organizational levels of biology in ways that combine our knowledge in these areas. The undergraduate program leading to the BA combines a breadth of education with the opportunity to concentrate in one of these areas: Cell and Molecular Biology; Physiology, Endocrinology and Reproduction; Marine Biology; Neurobiology; and Ecology, Behavior and Evolution; or Quantitative Biology. Graduate program areas are Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution; Physiology, Endocrinology, and Reproduction; Neurobiology; Cell and Molecular Biology; and Marine Biology. Affiliated programs in Neuroscience; Marine Science, and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry also offer graduate degrees.


Department chair: Geoffrey Cooper Campus address: 5 Cummington Street Phone: 617-353-2432 Fax: 617-353-6340 Website: www.bu.edu/biology

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  • Strong Mitochondrial DNA support for a Cretaceous Origin of Modern Avian Lineages 

    Brown, Joseph W.; Rest, Joshua S.; García-Moreno, Jaime; Sorenson, Michael D.; Mindell, David P. (BioMed Central, 2008-1-28)
    BACKGROUND. Determining an absolute timescale for avian evolutionary history has proven contentious. The two sources of information available, paleontological data and inference from extant molecular genetic sequences ...
  • COMBREX: A Project to Accelerate the Functional Annotation of Prokaryotic Genomes 

    Roberts, Richard J.; Chang, Yi-Chien; Hu, Zhenjun; Rachlin, John N.; Anton, Brian P.; Pokrzywa, Revonda M.; Choi, Han-Pil; Faller, Lina L.; Guleria, Jyotsna; Housman, Genevieve; Klitgord, Niels; Mazumdar, Varun; McGettrick, Mark G.; Osmani, Lais; Swaminathan, Rajeswari; Tao, Kevin R.; Letovsky, Stan; Vitkup, Dennis; Segrè, Daniel; Salzberg, Steven L.; DeLisi, Charles; Steffen, Martin; Kasif, Simon (2010-11-20)
    COMBREX (http://combrex.bu.edu) is a project to increase the speed of the functional annotation of new bacterial and archaeal genomes. It consists of a database of functional predictions produced by computational biologists ...
  • Caribbean Corals in Crisis: Record Thermal Stress, Bleaching, and Mortality in 2005 

    Eakin, C. Mark; Morgan, Jessica A.; Heron, Scott F.; Smith, Tyler B.; Liu, Gang; Alvarez-Filip, Lorenzo; Baca, Bart; Bartels, Erich; Bastidas, Carolina; Bouchon, Claude; Brandt, Marilyn; Bruckner, Andrew W.; Bunkley-Williams, Lucy; Cameron, Andrew; Causey, Billy D.; Chiappone, Mark; Christensen, Tyler R. L.; Crabbe, M. James C; Day, Owen; de la Guardia, Elena; Díaz-Pulido, Guillermo; DiResta, Daniel; Gil-Agudelo, Diego L.; Gilliam, David S.; Ginsburg, Robert N.; Gore, Shannon; Guzmán, Héctor M.; Hendee, James C.; Hernández-Delgado, Edwin A.; Husain, Ellen; Jeffrey, Christopher F. G.; Jones, Ross J.; Jordán-Dahlgren, Eric; Kaufman, Les S.; Kline, David I.; Kramer, Philip A.; Lang, Judith C.; Lirman, Diego; Mallela, Jennie; Manfrino, Carrie; Maréchal, Jean-Philippe; Marks, Ken; Mihaly, Jennifer; Miller, W. Jeff; Mueller, Erich M.; Muller, Erinn M.; Orozco Toro, Carlos A.; Oxenford, Hazel A.; Ponce-Taylor, Daniel; Quinn, Norman; Ritchie, Kim B.; Rodríguez, Sebastián; Ramírez, Alberto Rodríguez; Romano, Sandra; Samhouri, Jameal F.; Sánchez, Juan A.; Schmahl, George P.; Shank, Burton V.; Skirving, William J.; Steiner, Sascha C. C.; Villamizar, Estrella; Walsh, Sheila M.; Walter, Cory; Weil, Ernesto; Williams, Ernest H.; Roberson, Kimberly Woody; Yusuf, Yusri (Public Library of Science, 2010-11-15)
    BACKGROUND. The rising temperature of the world's oceans has become a major threat to coral reefs globally as the severity and frequency of mass coral bleaching and mortality events increase. In 2005, high ocean temperatures ...
  • The Evolutionary Diversification of LSF and Grainyhead Transcription Factors Preceded the Radiation of Basal Animal Lineages 

    Traylor-Knowles, Nikki; Hansen, Ulla; Dubuc, Timothy Q.; Martindale, Mark Q.; Kaufman, Les; Finnerty, John R. (BioMed Central, 2010-4-18)
    BACKGROUND. The transcription factors of the LSF/Grainyhead (GRH) family are characterized by the possession of a distinctive DNA-binding domain that bears no clear relationship to other known DNA-binding domains, with the ...
  • Adenoviral Delivery of Pan-Caspase Inhibitor P35 Enhances Bystander Killing by P450 Gene-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy Using Cyclophosphamide+ 

    Doloff, Joshua C.; Su, Ting; Waxman, David J. (BioMed Central, 2010-9-13)
    BACKGROUND. Cytochrome P450-based suicide gene therapy for cancer using prodrugs such as cyclophosphamide (CPA) increases anti-tumor activity, both directly and via a bystander killing mechanism. Bystander cell killing is ...
  • Dinitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacteria in Microbial Mats of Two Shallow Coral Reef Ecosystems 

    Charpy, Loic; Palinska, Katarzyna A.; Casareto, Beatriz; Langlade, Marie José; Suzuki, Yoshimi; Abed, Raeid M. M.; Golubic, Stjepko (Springer-Verlag, 2009-8-25)
    Dinitrogen-fixing organisms in cyanobacterial mats were studied in two shallow coral reef ecosystems: La Reunion Island, southwestern Indian Ocean, Sesoko (Okinawa) Island, and northwestern Pacific Ocean. Rapidly expanding ...
  • Thromboxane Modulates Endothelial Permeability 

    Klausner, J. M.; Abu-Abid, S.; Alexander, J. S.; Hanshke-Mineau, R.; Goldman, G.; Morel, N.; Valeri, C. R.; Shepro, D.; Hechtman, H. B. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 1994)
    The study tests the role of thromboxane in modulating microvascular permeability in vitro. Cultured monolayers of bovine aortic endothelial cells were challenged with the thromboxane (Tx) mimic U46619. This led to disassembly ...
  • Global Conservation Significance of Ecuador's Yasun National Park 

    Bass, Margot S.; Finer, Matt; Jenkins, Clinton N.; Kreft, Holger; Cisneros-Heredia, Diego F.; McCracken, Shawn F.; Pitman, Nigel C. A.; English, Peter H.; Swing, Kelly; Villa, Gorky; Di Fiore, Anthony; Voigt, Christian C.; Kunz, Thomas H. (Public Library of Science, 2010-1-19)
    BACKGROUND. The threats facing Ecuador's Yasuní National Park are emblematic of those confronting the greater western Amazon, one of the world's last high-biodiversity wilderness areas. Notably, the country's second largest ...
  • Architecture of Y-Family DNA Polymerases Relevant to Translesion DNA Synthesis as Revealed in Structural and Molecular Modeling Studies 

    Chandani, Sushil; Jacobs, Christopher; Loechler, Edward L. (SAGE-Hindawi Access to Research, 2010-9-16)
    DNA adducts, which block replicative DNA polymerases (DNAPs), are often bypassed by lesion-bypass DNAPs, which are mostly in the Y-Family. Y-Family DNAPs can do non-mutagenic or mutagenic dNTP insertion, and understanding ...
  • Effector Caspase Dcp-1 and IAP Protein Bruce Regulate Starvation-Induced Autophagy during Drosophila Melanogaster Oogenesis 

    Hou, Ying-Chen Claire; Chittaranjan, Suganthi; Barbosa, Sharon González; McCall, Kimberly; Gorski, Sharon M. (The Rockefeller University Press, 2008-09-15)
    A complex relationship exists between autophagy and apoptosis, but the regulatory mechanisms underlying their interactions are largely unknown. We conducted a systematic study of Drosophila melanogaster cell death–related ...
  • Domain Duplication, Divergence, and Loss Events in Vertebrate Msx Paralogs Reveal Phylogenomically Informed Disease Markers 

    Finnerty, John R.; Mazza, Maureen E.; Jezewski, Peter A. (BioMed Central, 2009-1-20)
    BACKGROUND. Msx originated early in animal evolution and is implicated in human genetic disorders. To reconstruct the functional evolution of Msx and inform the study of human mutations, we analyzed the phylogeny and synteny ...
  • Signatures of Arithmetic Simplicity in Metabolic Network Architecture 

    Riehl, William J.; Krapivsky, Paul L.; Redner, Sidney; Segrè, Daniel (Public Library of Science, 2010-4-1)
    Metabolic networks perform some of the most fundamental functions in living cells, including energy transduction and building block biosynthesis. While these are the best characterized networks in living systems, understanding ...
  • 3'-UTR SIRF: A Database for Identifying Clusters of Whort Interspersed Repeats in 3' Untranslated Regions 

    Andken, Benjamin B.; Lim, In; Benson, Gary; Vincent, John J.; Ferenc, Matthew T.; Heinrich, Bianca; Jarzylo, Larissa A.; Man, Heng-Ye; Deshler, James O. (BioMed Central, 2007-7-30)
    BACKGROUND. Short (~5 nucleotides) interspersed repeats regulate several aspects of post-transcriptional gene expression. Previously we developed an algorithm (REPFIND) that assigns P-values to all repeated motifs in a ...
  • Environments that Induce Synthetic Microbial Ecosystems 

    Klitgord, Niels; Segrè, Daniel (Public Library of Science, 2010-11-18)
    Interactions between microbial species are sometimes mediated by the exchange of small molecules, secreted by one species and metabolized by another. Both one-way (commensal) and two-way (mutualistic) interactions may ...
  • Structure of a Rabbit Muscle Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Aldolase A Dimer Variant 

    Sherawat, Manashi; Tolan, Dean R.; Allen, Karen N. (International Union of Crystallography, 2008-4-19)
    The X-ray crystallographic structure of a dimer variant of fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase demonstrates a stable oligomer that mirrors half of the native tetramer. The presence of product demonstrates that this is an ...
  • Dopamine Receptor Genetic Polymorphisms and Body Composition in Undernourished Pastoralists: An Exploration of Nutrition Indices among Nomadic and Recently Settled Ariaal Men of Northern Kenya 

    Eisenberg, Dan T. A.; Campbell, Benjamin; Gray, Peter B.; Sorenson, Michael D. (BioMed Central, 2008-6-10)
    BACKGROUND. Minor alleles of the human dopamine receptor polymorphisms, DRD2/TaqI A and DRD4/48 bp, are related to decreased functioning and/or numbers of their respective receptors and have been shown to be correlated ...
  • StellaBase: The Nematostella Vectensis Genomics Database 

    Sullivan, James C.; Ryan, Joseph F.; Watson, James A.; Webb, Jeramy; Mullikin, James C.; Rokhsar, Daniel; Finnerty, John R. (Oxford University Press, 2005-12-28)
    StellaBase, the Nematostella vectensis Genomics Database, is a web-based resource that will facilitate desktop and bench-top studies of the starlet sea anemone. Nematostella is an emerging model organism that has already ...
  • Genetic Effects of Oxidative DNA Damages: Comparative Mutagenesis of the Imidazole Ring-Opened Formamidopyrimidines (Fapy Lesions) and 8-Oxo-Purines in Simian Kidney Cells 

    Kalam, M. Abul; Haraguchi, Kazuhiro; Chandani, Sushil; Loechler, Edward L.; Moriya, Maasaki; Greenberg, Marc M.; Basu, Ashis K. (Oxford University Press, 2006-05-05)
    Fapy·dG and 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-oxo-dG) are formed in DNA by hydroxyl radical damage. In order to study replication past these lesions in cells, we constructed a single-stranded shuttle vector containing ...
  • TRDB—The Tandem Repeats Database 

    Gelfand, Yevgeniy; Rodriguez, Alfredo; Benson, Gary (Oxford University Press, 2006-12-14)
    Tandem repeats in DNA have been under intensive study for many years, first, as a consequence of their usefulness as genomic markers and DNA fingerprints and more recently as their role in human disease and regulatory ...
  • Upgrades to StellaBase Facilitate Medical and Genetic Studies on the Starlet Sea Anemone, Nematostella Vectensis 

    Sullivan, James C.; Reitzel, Adam M.; Finnerty, John R. (Nucleic Acids Research, 2008-1)
    The starlet sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis, is a basal metazoan organism that has recently emerged as an important model system in developmental biology and evolutionary genomics. StellaBase, the Nematostella Genomics ...

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