DSpace Manual: Software version 1.5


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dc.description.abstract DSpace is an open source software platform that enables organizations to: - Capture and describe digital material using a submission workflow module, or a variety of programmatic ingest options - Distribute an organization's digital assets over the web through a search and retrieval system - Preserve digital assets over the long term This system documentation includes a functional overview of the system, which is a good introduction to the capabilities of the system, and should be readable by nontechnical personnel. Everyone should read this section first because it introduces some terminology used throughout the rest of the documentation. For people actually running a DSpace service, there is an installation guide, and sections on configuration and the directory structure. Note that as of DSpace 1.2, the administration user interface guide is now on-line help available from within the DSpace system. Finally, for those interested in the details of how DSpace works, and those potentially interested in modifying the code for their own purposes, there is a detailed architecture and design section. en_US
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dc.title DSpace Manual: Software version 1.5 en_US
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