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  • Moving in next door: Network flooding as a side channel in cloud environments 

    Agarwal, Yatharth; Murale, Vishnu; Hennessey, Jason; Hogan, Kyle; Varia, Mayank (Springer International Publishing, 2016-11)
    Co-locating multiple tenants' virtual machines (VMs) on the same host underpins public clouds' affordability, but sharing physical hardware also exposes consumer VMs to side channel attacks from adversarial co-residents. ...
  • Book review – The Pathan Unarmed 

    Lindholm, Charles (Bloomsbury Pakistan, 2017-01-20)
  • The real self: authenticity in the USA 

    Lindholm, Charles (2007)
  • Fredrik Barth: in memoriam 

    Lindholm, Charles ( American Anthropological Association, 2016-04-22)
  • Generous envy 

    Lindholm, Charles (Development Policy Forum, 2016-03)
  • Arabesk 

    Lindholm, Charles (2007)
  • The theory and history of authenticity 

    Lindholm, Charles (2007)
  • HIL: designing an exokernel for the data center 

    Hennessey, Jason; Tikale, Sahil; Turk, Ata; Kaynar, Emine Ugur; Hill, Chris; Desnoyers, Peter; Krieger, Orran (ACM, 2016-10)
    We propose a new Exokernel-like layer to allow mutually untrusting physically deployed services to efficiently share the resources of a data center. We believe that such a layer offers not only efficiency gains, but may ...
  • Lived religion as an emerging field: an assessment of its contours and frontiers 

    Ammerman, Nancy T. (2016)
    Over the last three decades, lived religion has emerged as a distinct field of study, with an identifiable “canon” of originating sources. With this body of work reaching maturity, a critical assessment is in order. This ...
  • Śāntideva 

    Lele, Amod (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2009)
    An encyclopedia entry on the 8th century South Asian Buddhist philosopher-monk Śāntideva.
  • The Metaphysical Basis of Śāntideva's Ethics 

    Lele, Amod (Journal of Buddhist Ethics, 2015-07)
    Western Buddhists often believe and proclaim that metaphysical speculation is irrelevant to Buddhist ethics or practice. This view is problematic even with respect to early Buddhism, and cannot be sustained regarding ...
  • The compassionate gift of vice: Śāntideva on gifts, altruism, and poverty 

    Lele, Amod (Journal of Buddhist Ethics, 2013)
    The Mahāyāna Buddhist thinker Śāntideva tells his audience to give out alcohol, weapons and sex for reasons of Buddhist compassion, though he repeatedly warns of the dangers of all these three. The article shows how Śāntideva ...
  • Is Civility a Virtue 

    Schmidt, James (University of Notre Dame Press, 2000)
    A critique of recent discussions of the "virtue" of "civility."
  • An Experiment on Bare-Metal BigData Provisioning 

    Turk, Ata; Gudimetla, Ravi S.; Kaynar, Emine Ugur; Hennessey, Jason; Tikale, Sahil; Desnoyers, Peter; Krieger, Orran (8th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud 16), 2016-06)
    Many BigData customers use on-demand platforms in the cloud, where they can get a dedicated virtual cluster in a couple of minutes and pay only for the time they use. Increasingly, there is a demand for bare-metal bigdata ...
  • The price of private prisons 

    Clark-Clough, Samuel (2016-04-22)
    Almost every year, for the past three decades, the number of private prisons in the United States has grown. These private correctional institutions are advertised as effective ways for the government to cut costs and ...
  • Constructing Camelot: John F. Kennedy and the 1946 Massachusetts special congressional election 

    Engel, Jamie (2016-04-29)
    This is a study targeting the political debut of a great American figurehead. Before he was President, John F. Kennedy was a soft-spoken and shy congressional candidate with little perceived political promise. The 1946 ...
  • The Capitol in the Classroom: Implementing the Common Core in an Era of Coercive Federalism 

    Constantine, Molly (2016-04-21)
    The increased prevalence of federal mandates and funding initiatives support the existence of coercive federalism. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a notable example of a coercively implemented policy. The ...
  • The forgotten colony: the fall of the Independence Movement in Puerto Rico 

    Perez, Patricia (2016-05-05)
    The Grito the Lares in 1868 marked the highpoint of Puerto Rico’s fledgling independence movement. Today, this independent movement is very small. In the early half of the 19th century, as wars of independence spread ...
  • The influence of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention Program on norms and society in the United States Army 

    Abueg, Justin-Ryan
    How effective has SHARP been in preventing Sexual Assault and Harassment in the US Army? The U.S. Army has used the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention program (SHARP) since 2008 as a way to address ...
  • The Boston University Pre-Law Review Volume XXV Issue 1, Fall 2015 

    Boots, Aleksandra; Sethi, Amrita; Amatuzzi, Ana Paula; Gorden, Andy; Mehrotra, Asha; Palmer, Bidemi; Cavena, Bill; Ferber, Bradley; Yahn, Cleo; Rollins, Daniel; Hunt, David; Patel, Disha; Mazzarelli, India; Tharn, Isaiah; Park, Claire; Perreault, Kaitlyn; Harper, Katie; Merrick, Kelsie; Goldberg, Natalie; Narula, Neha; Knox, Ryan; Khanna, Shanti; Zocca, Sofia; LeCates, Victoria; Pollack, Yvette (Boston University, 2015)

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