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We are a community of artists within a great university and in a city that offers diversity and a vibrant arts culture. We take advantage of our location by connecting students with the excitement and creativity of the arts in Boston, through internships, study options, and field trips to museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the new Institute of Contemporary Art, galleries, theatres, libraries, and an array of other educational institutions. Even more importantly, within the walls of Boston University are resources critical to the development of emerging artists, including libraries, performance spaces, and some of the best faculty in the world. The first-rate teaching and mentoring of our regular faculty is supplemented by a vibrant program of visiting artists, guest lecture series, and exhibitions. The School of Visual Arts offers introductory and advanced classes in painting, sculpture, graphic design, art education, ceramics, photography, glassblowing, and printmaking. Frequent master classes encourage students to work independently and rigorously in a broad range of disciplines with other divisions of the University. A solid background in art history, contemporary critical analysis, and liberal arts complements the studio arts courses. Students graduate from the BFA or MFA program with a variety of skills necessary for a career as a creative artist in today’s diverse and changing art world. To this end, opportunities for a major, a minor, or a combined major with another discipline within the University are possible for the committed and disciplined student. School of Visual Arts students are also encouraged to take part in the Boston University Semester Abroad program in Venice, Italy, the only studio program in Venice, as well as the summer painting program in Tuscany, and Graphic Design in London, in order to expand art studies into the international community. Our students share a common goal of being part of a vibrant and motivated community of artists. Those who join us share in the desire to pursue their artistic vision in ways that contribute to contemporary culture. I invite you to discover more about us and the many accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni by browsing through our website. I hope you are as inspired as I am at the richness of our programs.

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  • A Historical Study of Drawing Instruction 

    Salomon, Patricia (2015-05)
    Abstract Emerging from my interest in past methods of drawing instruction, and personal experiences of being taught drawing in the 1960’s by an industrial arts teacher, led me to the study of teaching methods of Walter ...
  • Blue vs. Pink: Promoting Gender Equality through Contemporary Works for Elementary Students 

    Unknown author
    The following qualitative research study examines how an art educator engages students in elementary school with contemporary art, related to gender, in order to foster understandings of gender and social justice. The ...
  • A Study of Self-Image Through Portraiture 

    Szabo, Benjamin (Boston University, 2014-12-01)
    This active research study reviewed the relationship between portraiture and self-image in eighth grade students. The question that guided the research asked: How might student self-image of eighth graders at American ...
  • Artsonia: A Digital Tool for Enhancing Family Engagement in Perceiving and Responding to Student Artwork 

    Bryce, Kristen
    This study focuses on how introducing Artsonia, an online student art gallery, to Narragansett Elementary School families might enhance their response and perception to student artwork. Triangulation was used to collect ...
  • Local Street Art and Graffiti 

    Manrique, Danielle F. (Danielle F. Manrique, 2015-01-13)
    The Masters Research Project examines how local street art and graffiti might be integrated in a curricular design. The research takes place in Bogota, Colombia. This city has become renowned for its street art and graffiti ...
  • Impact of Art on At-Risk Students 

    Vineyard, Christine
    The research study focused on the influence and impact of art education on at-risk students who have experienced or are experiencing trauma. Through support of literature, including scholarly journals and case studies, and ...
  • The Role of Music in Art Education 

    Aissis, Arlene (2014-05-19)
    This is a report of an action study involving the role of music in elementary art education.
  • The Flipped Classroom and Art Education: A Study in a Computer Based Visual Art Classroom 

    Roy, Alethea (2014-05-14)
    The purpose of this study was to find out how flipped teaching impacts learning in an eighth grade Art and Computer Design elective. Over the course of three fifty-minute sessions, two similar classes were taught the same ...
  • Collaborative School Culture Murals 

    Rolfsness, Jennifer (2014-05-06)
    This classroom based study investigated the collaborative mural process with Drawing II students at Arundel High School. The research question asked: What social challenges and opportunities might students encounter while ...
  • Using Teacher Websites and Student Digital Portfolios to Enhance Student Learning 

    Medsker-Mehalic, Kimberly (2014-05-01)
    We live in a visual world constantly surrounded by technology. Technology has altered the face of educational environments. Freeport High School in Freeport, Maine is one of sixty-two schools participating in the Maine ...
  • Why Adolescent Students Attend Extracurricular Art Lessons 

    Larkan, Tiffany (2014-01-14)
    What value do adolescents place on art education? What role do parents and teachers play in their decision-making process? Personal, practical, and intellectual goals are the basis to investigating and answering such ...

    Poole-Heyne, Rebecca (2014-01-07)
    Enhanced student motivation was observed in a small rural elementary school art room with the aid of grandmother volunteers and a lesson on local history. Improved qualities of transitions, participation and deep engagement ...
  • Socially Engaged Art Education: The Impact of Contemporary Art 

    Yamaoka, Lisa (2014-01-07)
    Exposing students to socially engaged art encompasses a meaningful opportunity of connecting progressive education to contemporary arts. This grounded theoretical study explored the impact of contemporary art and street ...
  • Calligraphy: A Vehicle to Self-Reflection 

    Boukerroui, Mohand Tahar (2013-12-19)
    As an auto-ethnographic study, “Calligraphy: A Vehicle to Self-Reflection” was designed to explore the art of Arabic calligraphy and its possibilities. The driving question of this research was: How can understanding ...
  • Graffiti-Inspired Curriculum: Enhancing Student Understanding of Artistic Conventions, Symbolism, and Metaphor 

    Christenson, Matt (2013-12-18)
    Graffiti is an art form that has been largely ignored by institutions of art education. This art-based, classroom study explores the student learning that can occur through the implementation of a graffiti-inspired unit. ...
  • How Gender Based Differences in Drawings of Preschoolers Can Help to Inform Preschool Visual Art Curriculum 

    Hopkins, Priscilla (2013-08-30)
    The purpose of this classroom-based study was to explore the gender based differences in the free drawings of students at Beginnings Preschool. The researcher explored these patterns and their implications for the field ...
  • Understanding How the Role of an Artist-Teacher May Impact Student Learning and Teaching Practice 

    Gronvold Roller, Nichole (2013-05-15)
    The definition of an artist-teacher has been an ongoing debate amongst many within the fine arts and art education. The following research is the journey of a newly proclaimed artist-teacher as she finds meaning in her ...

    Trausch, Christine M. (2013-05-09)
    The growing use of educational technology tools in the classroom was the impetus behind this study. This classroom-based study was conducted to determine how technology-based lessons in middle school art classes might ...
  • Making Art Together: A Class's Collaborative Art Experience 

    Pomranky, Esther (2013-05-01)
    This action research project explores the impact of a collaborative lesson on the behavior and relationships of students in a combined 3rd/4th grade class at St. Mary of the Lake School in Chicago. Students in this class ...
  • Understanding Autistic Artwork 

    Wyzga, Diana (2013-04-30)
    Inspired by personal work with autistic children and the pursuit for more knowledge, the research in this study contributes significant findings to the field of art and autism. In this thesis, the artworks and processes ...

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